About Amrta Insitute

Amrta Institute for Water Literacy is a nonprofit, research-based advocacy group working on water resources issues. Its area include water governance, clean water supply, groundwater and surface water management, and water-related regulations. On water governance, Amrta Institute has done in-depth research and advocacy in at least five regencies. Popular issues rose from the disseminated research studies such as land subsidence and illegal extraction of groundwater.

Amrta Institute has been consistently advocating for the fulfillment of the people’s right to water especially in areas whose water services are commercialized by contracts with other parties which threaten the people’s right to water. Amrta Institute seeks to effectuate a good, reliable, affordable, publicly managed water services.

Amrta has been working together with government bodies, media, universities, labor union, legal aid institute, women and youth organizations.